Friday, 22 July 2016

Welcome to term 3 2016.

Hi everyone.
I hope you have had a wonderful break and your back ready for another term of learning.
As you can see our daily planning will all be done on this blog.
We will still be using google classroom but it will be mainly used for notices and handing out assignment.
One positive part about using a blog is that your parents can track your what learning we are covering in class and help you when you access your learning at home. Also if you are sick and would like to continue your learning at home you can.
The other cool part about this is that we will be linking your own blogs to our year 8 web site. Your parents will be able to go onto this site a comment on your learning and help support you in your learning. Remember that learning here at Tarawera High school is a partnership between you, the teachers, and your parents and caregivers.

We will also be welcoming a new staff member to our team. Charyl McNicholas will be starting with us in week 2. She is filling in for Mrs Smith while she is on leave. We look forward to working with her and wish her all the best for the term.

Our year 8 website will be used to help support students in their learning.
It has a wide range of resources and student blogs will soon be uploaded to this sites.
The link is:

See you all next week.

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