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Complete 10 of these thinker's keys. Please put your answers on a google doc and share with either Mr Cochrane or Mrs Addenbrooke.

THE REVERSE                                           THE BAR                                   THE RIDICULOUS

Name 10 things you would               Use BAR to improve the                  Try to justify this statement
never see at the Olympic                   design or use of a piece of                "No athletes should be 
Games                                                sporting equipment.                          sponsored by governments
                                                                                                                      or commercial enterprise.

THE INTERPRETATION                 THE WHAT IF                                           THE VARIATIONS

Give some possible reasons             What would be some possible                Suggest many ways that
for a sudden change of venue           consequences should the                        the host countries could for the games.                                   Commonwealth Games                          be selected.
                                                          become more popular than
                                                          Olympic Games.

THE COMMONALITY                      THE BRICK WALL                         THE DISADVANTAGES

What are the commonality               Consider some alternatives              What are some disadvantages
between a spectator and a                 to the fact that many sports               of the marathon being run
top athlete?                                       people will never compete in           over such a long distance?
                                                          in the games.                                     Suggest some solutions to 
                                                                                                                    the problems.

THE PICTURE                                  THE QUESTION                                 THE CONSTRUCTION

The answer is an Olympic Games       Name 10 things you would
medal. What are 5 possible                  never see at the Olympic
questions?                                             Games.

THE COMBINATION                             THE PREDICTION
List and then combine some of             Suggest a sport that may be 
the attributes of a javelin and a TV       in the Olympic Games 50
                                                               years from now.
What could this picture have to
do with the Olympic Games.?

Brainstorm solutions to some       How might a long jumper use some    List words associated with
of the problems for the host          or all of the following to leap 10         the Olympic Games- A - Z.
country due to the expense of       meters - a book, some straws, a        
holding the Olympic Games.        radio and a bottle?

THE DIFFERENT USES               THE INVENTIONS                           THE ALTERNATIVE
Find 10 different uses for a          Invent a new training regime for a     List some ways that you may 
discarded hockey stick.                top athlete.                                           attend the games with out 
                                                                                                                  actually buying a ticket.

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