Monday, 25 July 2016

Preparing for the Olympics

Wow, in another few days the Olympic Games in Rio will get underway. It will be an exciting time as we see how we compare to other individual athletes and teams in the World.

The following article is an update of our athletes arrival in Rio, the latest successful athletes to make the team, and the preparation underway as athletes prepare themselves for the competitions.

Your task is to read the campaign news and then select one of the events to write a brief report on to share.  Please remember to put the work into a google doc, name and share it with your whanau teacher, or your literacy teacher. We do not mind we just want to see our great motivated learners working independently on self chosen tasks.

As the Olympics are held in Rio this year here are some facts about Brazil. Your task is to either prepare a world map and show where Brazil and Rio are, plus travel routes from NZ to get there: or produce a information flyer with key information to help a tourist travelling to Brazil.


The Olympics have a long history. You can either display this as a timeline, inserting pictures, or do a small inquiry about one of the original items of the Olympics and how it has evolved to the sport we have today.


Research questions. Please choose 4 of these seven questions to research the answer of and write a detailed full sentence to answer.



BE a wordsmith, choose one of these photos, copy and paste the photo onto your answer sheet, then write as many describing words as you can to describe it.


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