Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Olympic Math

 In the Quiet zone work area and along the wall in the work Zone 2 (on either side of the doors of the Resource room) are 38 Olympic Math Cards, there are 4 questions on each card. Try and do at least 1 card of 4 questions each day.

Olympic Logic Math Challenge

This is a Stage 3/4 Challenge, We are looking to see if you can solve this problem with logical thinking and the ability to work systematically.

Can you deduce the missing information in this sporting situation?

Medals count

Given the following clues, can you work out the number of gold, silver and bronze medals that France, Italy, and Japan got in this international sports competition?

  • Japan has 1 more gold medal, but 3 fewer silver medals, than Italy.
  • France has the most bronze medals (18), but fewest gold medals (7)
  • Each country has at least 6 medals of each type.
  • Italy has 27 medals in total.
  • Italy has 2 more Bronze medals than gold medals.
  • The three countries have 38 bronze medals in total.
  • Frnce has twice as many silver medals as Italy has gold medals.

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