Saturday, 5 November 2016

Week 5 Term 4 Monday 7th November

Monday 7th November

Have you remembered to bring your Activity Day form back? We will be putting people in to Activities to fill spaces if you do not reply by tomorrow Tuesday 8th. Some Activities are almost fill and others may have to be cancelled if you do not get your preferences in, remember, these are ideas you asked for and teachers have put time in to organising, so its now up to you. These are two compulsory school days.

We have visitors in the common on Wednesday and Thursday, we know you will show MANA to our visitors, they want to see how things work in our common, share you skills.

                        WHICH STEP WILL YOU REACH TODAY? We know what we step we should aspire to, how about making sure 100% of us do it. 

                                                                                                          YES !!! I did it.!!!
                                                                                                  I will do it.
                                                                                         I can do it.
                                                                                I'll try to do it.
                                                                       How do I do it?
                                                                I want to do it.
                                                         I can't do it.
                                                 I won't do it.

Where are you starting today?  Where will you climb to?

REMINDERS:  All computers will be tracked and locked with Hapara, any complaints arising from the use of this tool to focus your learning, and you will automatically loose your chrome book.                   We do not and will not ever give you permission to play games on chrome books or The Hub at school, we are here to learn and one thing a lot of us  seem to need is support to manage social media use and gaming, these are a type of addiction.
                             All computers will be scanned out and trolleys then locked you will retain your own computer and use it wisely, we will be formalising the return as we are disappointed by the drop and run occurring.
                            Headphones will be signed out and signed in, if not put carefully back in to bags and returned as asked , you will not be able to borrow them, its called respect of resources.

None of these things are new, however a timely reminder to all.

Lastly, We have purchased  some pencils, however we need something valuable from you to swop to get the use of one. Unfortunately the loss rate is most unacceptable, and the way they are found broken as in snapped in half and dropped all around the room shows a lack of respect for our generosity. Trade and you can have one to use. Otherwise we have black crayons available.

Block One
  8.55am - 9.55am    Mathematics
  9.55am - 10.20am  Study Skills   (google classroom)
  10.20 - 10.25   Pack up and return work tools  from seated class instructions.

Block Two
  11.00am - 12.00pm  Writing 
  12.00pm - 12.25 pm Reading Tools  (google classroom)

Block Three
  1.10pm - 1.50pm    Reading with your teachers in literacy groups. 
                                  Group 1 Ms Addenbrooke - Short stories
                                  Group 2 Mr Cochrane - SRA
                                  Group 3 Miss McNicholas - SRA

  1.50pm - 2.40pm    Inquiry  part 4  (google classroom)

Have a great day.


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