Monday, 28 November 2016

Tuesday 29/11/ 2016

Morning everyone.
Yesterday was a good day. It was great getting the letters in. We are still waiting on a couple of students to send them through so we can print them off and send them to Kaikoura primary school.
I have also read through a couple of your inquiries. So far they are looking great. Don't forget that your whanau will want to see this so add it to your blog.
Lets all have another great day today.

Work for today

Study ladder- Free choice of math activities.

Kiwi Kids News

Read through both article. Choose one of the article to answer the recall and thinking questions.
Do this on a google doc.

Writing-  First if you haven't sent through your letters please send them through so we can print them out to send to students in Kaikoura.
Continue working on your inquiry. It was due yesterday however I think so of you need more time to complete it. It does need to be handed in by lunch time.

Reading-  Peer reading school journal story
You have a choice of 3 stories.
1. The big dig- Once you are finished write design a quake proof road. Label the parts and explain how it would work.
2. Painting the town- Once you are finish explain what part of Kawerau you would like to see street art, what kind of street art and why. Draw some of your own ideas.
3. Read Namu and Waeroa. and Te Namu. Draw and label the different parts of a sand fly/mosquito. List the thing people did to stop getting bitten by them.

Follow the link to practise the skill of coding. Start at the beginners level.

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