Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Week 4 Term 4 2016

TUESDAY 1st NOVEMBERHave you remembered to return your notice regarding activity days? Don't miss out because you have not discussed the options and costs with your whanau.

1. We will be checking your use on Hapara
2. If you are not logged on under your name (e.g. those who are lazy and using "Guest" you will instantly lose yur chrome book for the day., and not be able to use the hub.
3. If you are needing to be bumped off a site more than 3 times you will lose the Chrome Book too.
This is a learning tool, many are using them well, some need to improve their self-management.


8.55am - 9.55 am     MATHS:
9.55 - 10.25  STUDY SKILLS - This is on google classroom and is around using Contextual Clues, something we have been working on but yet to master.


11am - 12pm  WRITING  - as well as revisiting yesterday's writing activity, please check with your teacher then post to your blog, it is important you all  complete a student voice survey. This must be completed today .

12pm - 12.30 pm READING ( ON google classroom, this was put up yesterday, we chose not to do it as we were so busy, however please start and do it now, thanks)


1.10pm - 2.10pm  Reading  Group 1 Ms Addenbrookes' group, in Learning area together working on Short Stories.   Group 2  Mr Cochranes' group , in Targetted Learning Zone working on SRA.                  Group 3  Miss McNicholas' group, in main area working on SRA cards.
As well there is an activity on Google Classroom for those who complete their group work with their literacy teacher . This is an activity to support gaps we have seen from testing.

2.10pm - 2.40pm  Inquiry Stage 4 Refer to Google classroom and make sure you are coverin

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