Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Thursday 11th August, 2016


Block 1 -  8.30 - 8.55 am Whanau Time

After our Karakia and roll call, we are after ideas and thoughts about what you would like to do for Activity Days. We are looking for activities that give you a challenge and fun, hopefully even something different to try. Something that is not too expensive as it is important we can all afford to go. You will get a google sheet to fill in next week with our ideas on but chat to your friends and offer your ideas to us now.

MATHS   9.00 - 9.50am
Today we are working with fractions.
Your WALT today is to add simple fraction to its lowest denominator.

1. Warm up activity

2. Todays task for target students (Working with IC in target room)

3 You tube Creating a common denominator before adding fractions.

4. Your task today. Google classroom maths.

DA workshop will be practicing labeling and identifying fractions using equipment.

OUR WORLD - 9.55 - 10.25 am
ALL Reading group with Mr Cochrane in the Targeted Learning room  

Log on to Kiwi Kids news. Choose an article to read and respond to in full sentence answers, use the  middle tab on the right to respond to the "Thinking" questions.

Only 22 people have completed the following survey Health display
Please do this before you go to morning tea.

When the survey is completed and your Kiwi Kids news work has been sent to a staff member to check, log on to Google Classroom and start working on the Reading/Writing article "The Cell Phone"., or you could check and catch up on incomplete Video Game and  Video 1 you must view review.tasks from earlier in the week.

REMEMBER each BLOCK requires you to put your headphones back in to their pouch and plug your laptop in for charging, leave lying around they may be removed for the next block. You are reminded you only use your allocated headphones, and they must match the number on the bag to the number on the headphones.

Google Classroom has your work on it. "The Cell Phone"
followed by spelling , the theme is endangered animals hangman.
HANGMAN - Endangered Animals
Workshops this block will be
DA- Answering questions in full detail, incorporating part of the question.

Some students will also be called in to read with DA and IC, so that your reading mileage is increased.
When completed turn your work in. Check you have your other work up to date, (Go back through the blog for Monday and Tuesday to check.)

Google Classroom has the Olympic Work set up for you, if you choose to do this work through it with care and depth to your research. If you have your own focus question please share it with staff.

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