Thursday, 11 August 2016

FRIDAY 12th August 2016

Whanau Time.

Reminders : Eating/Chewing inside the buildings not allowed, this does include those in roll-on bottles and plastic holders.
                      You have all been emailed and it is on our Blog from yesterday in the instructions for Block 1 9.55 - 10.25, there is a Survey to complete TODAY!

8SS  All to P.E.

Warm up activity
1. (ordering factions) (hard)

2. Understand how to add and subtract fractions (watch this)

3. Practice activity. See google classroom.

Do both the adding and subtraction activities. 
4. When you are finished choose your own math activity from study ladder. 

9.55 - 10.25

ALL writing group in targeted learning space with Mr Cochrane. Finishing your reports.

Everyone else Video Review 2 on Google Classroom.
Once completed well and turned in please do the following,

Grammar Gorrillas

BLOCK TWO - 11.00 - 12.30

8IC All to P.E.

8 SS  Block One Maths, Video Review and Grammar Exercise.

 8DA  Block Three from Thursday Olympic Inquiry.

BLOCK THREE - 1.10 - 2.45

Work is on Google Classroom.  "Babies in Danger"

Once this is competed to an appropriate standard there will be targeted catch up time allocated.

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