Thursday, 18 August 2016



  • Fruit is still available everyday, it is put out on the tables under the hospitality centre canopy every morning-tea and lunch, go and collect your needs each break.
  • We apologise for confusing you yesterday with the blog. Mr Cochrane and Ms Addenbrooke were at a training course and without planning time we did not discuss the full picture, so posted our work from observed needs independently and some of you appear to have lost your way through the site.!! ad did not reread or ask either?!, however you all know how our day flows and there is a sketch diary on the whiteboard.
  • This week is currently very disappointing as work output is very poor., as has been self management of devices, you have been spoken to, and devices are going to be removed instantly today with no warnings and book work will be undertaken when we see incorrect useage or histories. Look at the tick list and see what you can do in your own time to make up for overdue tasks.
  • Uniforms are looking great and apart from 1 hat wearer so pleased to see people sorting their uniforms the moment they walk into our warm common. Well done.
BLOCK 1 -  8.55 am - 10.25 am

8SS to P.E.

MATHEMATICS   8.55 am - 9.55 am
WALT find equivalent fractions.
You can choose from which book you want to work from
1. NZ mathematics year 7 Exercise 5G page 152-154
2. NZ mathematics year 8 page 111-112 Exercise 5D

All work is to be done in your maths book.
If you get stuck go back to the youtube clip from yesterday. See below.
Ask for help if you need a hand.
IC will run a work shop in target zone.

WONDERINGS  9.55am - 10.35am

With a buddy  explore our wondering of the day. Go through it carefully together and prepare a report to present back with all key facts.

BLOCK 2  11.00 am - 12.30 pm.

8IC  to P.E.

Literacy work is in Google Classroom - Title -" Men of Pike"

BLOCK 3  1.10 pm - 2.45 pm

IC will work with his ALL writing group this afternoon. 


Review work sent to google classroom and on yesterdays blog, thinking about your Inquiry research and presentation:
Who will read this? (They will be published on your blog.)
What may they already know about my topic?
What do I want them to know?
What part of my topic will interest them the most?

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