Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Thursday 20th October

Thursday 20th October

Big thank you for the improving uniform we see. Also great to see the strong display of Manaakitangi as you move through the day.

Reminder Green Card Work space is unavailable to ALL students this week.

Congratulations to the recipients of MANA Certificates and bands at our Whanau Assembly.


8.55 - 9.55am  MATHEMATICS
                        Click on the tab to see what you are consolidating today.

  (During this time all three classes will go to Target Learning Zone one at a time and do their IKAN MATH test)

9.55 - 10.25  STUDY SKILLS  Check the tab to see what your task is for today.


11.-00 - 12.00pm  e-asTTLe writing sample  (formal test situation)

ALL STUDENTS need a pencil, and a book to lean on. We will be providing you with the paper to write on.

12.00 -12.30pm  Complete the Study Skills Task, see the tutorial to then post this work to your Blog.

8DA  To P.E.

8CM and 8IC  Reading Activity  See Google Classroom  _This must be completed.
                        When directed by your teacher - Inquiry

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