Monday, 10 October 2016

Term 4 2016 Week 1 Day 1

Good Morning and welcome to Day 1 Term 4 10/10/16

Although the weather has not treated us well I do hope you have all had a break to recharge your batteries as this normally is the busiest and hardest working of them all.

It was tremendous to have people use the more indoor weather to revisit and resubmit their Inquiry of Water to get a higher grade after working on recommendations sent back by staff. It was also fantastic for people to approach us to get their Mathletics passwords to continue their work and practice, and Tamara , thank-you for also helping a Year 7 get theirs too. You have had a Ngakau Pono MANA Card for this.


All students will attend their Class Teacher for guidance at each allocated time when called (Math, Read, Write), those we are confident are on task and meeting expectations will then be sent off to work in their chosen area, however this will only be in D Common, those needing more supervision will remain with their allocated teacher.
We have work profiles to complete as evidence work is being completed. Those unable to meet expectations will be working in formal situation in books, no devices.

SELF MANAGEMENT: Using Chrome Books

1. Must be scanned out, scanned in, always your own allocated number and whenever you leave them log off fully or lock the keyboard.
2, When online and working backs may not be against the wall, all screens must be visible at all times.
3. There is no free time or off site games, one warning then chrome book will be removed and work will be done in books.

1. Now spring, this does mean variable weather however no shirts or hoodies are to be worn under or on top of uniforms. These will be removed the moment you enter the common or be sent to Deans. No caps are to be worn, especially inside. Covered shoes are needed for Wood Tech, Sewing and Hospitality on Wednesdays.

The rule for the whole school is not eating or chewing in the commons, this includes the daily fruit supplied. One warning then Deans plus letters home, especially the persistent junk food snackers , eat at home before getting to school, then you will be able to wait until interval one.

A BIG THANK YOU to those who already display strong self management skills.

8.30 - 8.50  Whanau Time  MANA and what it looks like in Year 8 "D" Common Start filling in Task sheet ( sent out in google classroom)
8.50 - 9.50  MATHS   Class Introduction then move off to lesson. Group are the same as last term. Monday and Tuesday is focused on Number, and Thursday and Friday is Algebra. 
9.50 - 10.25  Skills Study  - On Google Classroom

11.00 - 12.00 Writing - In Google Classroom
12.00 - 12.30  Inquiry Introduction

1.10 - 2.10   READING  - in google classroom, 20 minutes silent reading and log to commence. A skill activity is also on google classroom. Your group will be meeting for shared reading too.
2.10 - 2,45   INQUIRY - Individual time to work on this.

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