Wednesday, 19 October 2016



LEARNING OBJECTIVE:  To edit and proof read in the production of a polished piece of writing.

Your Task is to edit and proof read to produced a polished story.


  1. Develops ideas in more detail
  2. Identifies the weal language and finds alternatives
  3. Makes corrections of spelling, punctuation, sentence construction and grammar.
  4. Uses logical paragraphs which are linked throughout.
  5. Writes an original and interesting story at publication level.
  6. Evaluates the writing process.

This activity must be completed after checking the editing questions and before you write up your final copy.

You must swap  your altered drafts with a partner. The instruction you need to give your partner is to check your work for any unseen errors and offer any ideas for further improvement.

Read your draft of either "The Cave" or another piece of writing you are keen to share to become a blog post. Read it through again, one sentence at a time
  • Put a tick at the end of any sentence that you are happy with, and circle any that you think could be improved.
  • Now go back and work on those problem sentences.
  • Underline any words which could be replaced with something more interesting. Check your verbs!
  • Correct any errors you find - don't forget to use your dictionary.
  • Swap drafts with another person. Read each other's work checking for errors and offer any ideas for improvement.
  • Write a little evaluation about the changes you agreed on and why.
  • Complete your final copy and load on to your blog. 

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