Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tuesday 6th September 2016

Tuesday 6th September 2016

Congratulations all the deserved recipients of MANA certificates and bands yesterday. We are so proud of you all, 2 have gained their AWHINA Band, 23 AKO and 27 MANAAKITANGA. Remember to keep handing these in to staff and remember those with more than 15 can do a trade to other categories early in term 4.
Block 3 yesterday was a hub of focus from many, great to see Blogs getting updated with great work.

REMINDERS:  CAPS must come off as you enter the school gates and remain off at all times in school, especially in classrooms, two of you are failing to abide by this rule. FOOD , fruit, lollies and lunch items are not to be eaten in the common, warnings are tiresome, walking to the Deans will be next step for many as letters home and our continual requests are being ignored which is most disappointing, so we will be asking for you to be supported to make the correct decision through Deans and Daily Reports.

9.00 - 9.50am
SAF Maths students  straight to Mrs Adams thank you.
All others Math see maths tag at the top and activities on Google Classroom, work to be completed in your Math Book.
9.50 - 10.25am
ALL Writers group with IC in targeted learning area.
Everyone else Spelling and Research on Google Classroom.

11.00 - 11.45 Literacy Writing Google Classroom
11.45 - 12.30pm Literacy Reading  Google Classroom.
Please be prepared to go to your Literacy group for Targeted Teaching and Book sharing as soon as you are called, This is your chance to have support for work set and to understand the purpose and Objectives of the work set.

New Inquiry Introduced.

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