Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Thursday 15th September

Thursday 15th September 2016

So proud of our Kapa Haka students, we really enjoyed watching the live stream from Taupo of your performance. You were awesome.

We have noticed a few people choosing to wear incorrect uniform, caps, shoes, long pants/tights and sweatshirts on a regular basis. We also have people wearing long sleeved shirts under the school short sleeved polo fleece. This is not permissible and with the spring season here, unnecessary. As you all know the school rule and are not participating in showing Manaakitanga for our Uniform and school, the choice is to remove and hand to teachers to keep in the office for the day, or go to Deans but there will be no more warnings. Those whose items need replacing please discuss this with your whanau and arrange to get yourself properly equipped during the holidays.

Timetable changes, as we are appearing to run on empty a bit and a bit of a go slow is happening we are slightly altering the teaching times.Reading will take place in block 3 so the awesome writing we have happening can also be brought to publication on our blogs.

8.50 - 9.50 - MATHS use the tab above to access the work for the day.
9.50 - 10.25 - SKILLS/STUDY  Complete the Skills study work from Tuesday (Google Classroom) that was put back due to our testing, then compete the True/False section in Google Classroom.

Literacy- Writing Your task today is to have two pieces of your recent writing ( as a minimum) published on  your blog HOWEVER it must have been proofed by a teacher before publishing. Once these are published and signed off, choose one of the writing tasks you have missed and do a draft to share with a buddy.

1.10 - 2.10 READING  You will be doing 20 minutes silent reading of your Novel, then you will have your chrome book issued to.. On google classroom is your KNWL chart to be filling in when your silent reading time is over, and then the Research /Activities on Google classroom that you must do a minimum of two to a high standard.
2.10 - 2.40 -  INQUIRY - Water , revisit what you have been asked to do to pass the assessment.

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