Monday, 12 September 2016

Monday 12th September

MONDAY 12th September 2016

Good morning everyone, we hope you have had a great weekend. Welcome back to our AIMs games netballers, we missed you last week, and were pleased to hear of your successes and the way you responded positively to some very hard games.
We are also very pleased to have some absolutely awesome writing being handed in to us, once proofing is complete we are looking forward to seeing them published on your blogs so others can read your great work.
Please remember, as well as our sharing time before each block starts, where we share tasks, answer queries and offer support, the blog has all you need to know to set your work programme, so try hard to manage this and re read the blog for clarification rather than ask "What do I do now?" or choose to play a game because you have "finished" and believe you are entitled to "free" time. "Free" time is what you have at home on your own family devices, games are what you play at home, we are all here to learn and do the best we can, one of which is managing how we use our devices and complete our work. We still have no one completing all work set in the time expected, or to the Curriculum level 5 that is our aim, so free and play has not yet been earnt by anyone.

8.50 - 9.50 Maths Revision day- Tomorrow will be post test. Have a look through practice test and ask for help if you don't know any of the concepts.

9.50 - 10.25   Study Skills and Research (on Google Classroom- Similes, Word Scramble)
                       All writing group with Mr Cochrane

11.00 - 11.45 _ Writing -
                          when the set task is completed please make sure you see your whanau teacher to ensure your writing from Friday has been revisited ready to publish on your blog.
11.45 - 12.30 Reading - 20 minutes sustained silent shared reading of your novel.
                          then task to be completed from google classroom. Please listen for your literacy teacher to call your group in for teacher sharing.


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